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AAA Tree Service has been providing unparalleled tree care to Roanoke, VA, for over a decade and counting. We have a proven track record which cemented our reputation as the top tree care contractor residents depend on. Our staff members work day in and day out to ensure that our customers get the best of their time and money. We are here to help you bring out the best in your trees by offering professional tree services without leaving you broke. 

We are assured that the quality of our work speaks for itself, but to ease your worries, you can access hundreds of reviews and feedback from our loyal customers online. You can search via Yelp, Home Advisor, and Google and find out what our clients have to say about us. We remain the top tree business in town because we make our customer’s concerns our utmost priority. From day one until the execution of the task, we let you oversee and have full control of the project. We will never remove or trim a tree unless you give us your approval. Moreover, to stay on top of the game, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. We have modern equipment, which we always maintain to ensure functionality, to help us accomplish any task you have for us. 

About Your Dependable Local Tree Specialists 

AAA Tree Service was launched as a small, unassuming tree business back in 2000. As time passes, we have developed into one of the most reliable tree companies in the area, with hundreds of customers trusting us. We use every opportunity that comes our way to outdo ourselves and solidify our standing as the most reputable tree contractor Roanoke, VA, has to offer. We are pleased to provide employment to some of the most qualified arborists and tree doctors in town. In addition, we strictly adhere to preserving nature and maintaining its natural balance and ecosystem for the generations to come. For this reason, we observe sustainable practices and do our best to avoid leaving adverse impacts on nature. 

Nonetheless, we never sacrifice the quality of our services. What initiated as a small tree removal business has now successfully become a full-service tree care operation, providing the best tree solutions to our valued clients. From tree trimming to emergency tree service, you can count on AAA Tree Service to bring the best assistance that you can get. Further, we believe that our success is not possible without the help of our skilled and certified employees. From the day we hire them, we make sure to give them extensive training founded on safety and a quality-first approach. All of our certified arborists have at least three years of experience in the business before working with us. Finally, all of our tree specialists are certified, licensed, and insured to handle any tree service, whether in a residential or business area. Indeed, there is no undertaking that is too intricate for us to tackle. AAA Tree Service is the go-to company of hundreds of Roanoke, VA, residents for fast and reliable tree care work. 

    Our Services

    You can browse a list of some of our most in-demand services below. If you need more detailed information, you can always give us a call and set an appointment with our consultants. We will be glad to provide straightforward answers to any inquiries you may have for us. 

    Tree Removal: Tree removal has always been one of the most requested services we provide. A lot of property owners choose our team to handle their tree removal concerns. Eliminating a tree is not always as simple as it appears. Often, there are underlying complications that may affect the safety and quality of the project. Some homeowners only think of tree removal after a storm or if their tree looks like it’s diseased or dying. However, getting rid of a tree is not only necessary post-storm or when it visibly looks like it is dying. A tree may require removal even before it starts to manifest health and safety issues. This is the reason why our team deals with tree removal projects meticulously. We conduct a thorough inspection of your tree and the site around it. Our certified arborists can tell you whether your tree is safe or not and tell you the warning signs to watch out for. AAA Tree Service is ready to eliminate any tree from your property, regardless of the reason, the size, and the species. Rest assured that we will successfully rid of the compromised tree in your landscape and restore balance and safety around. 

    Tree Trimming: Trees are not resistant to diseases and other issues such as overgrowth. If left unaddressed, an overgrown tree can become a life-threatening situation for you and your family. Overgrowing is one of the most common issues that a tree can encounter, especially for those that are not regularly maintained. Overgrowth can be the beginning of various tree problems, starting with an unsightly appearance, branching out to more severe issues, including decline. Hence, our team works diligently to provide our customers with the most comprehensive tree trimming service available in town. Sadly, many tree companies resort to tree removal because of the money they can gain out of it. At AAA Tree Service, we begin by assessing the tree’s overall condition, then determine the best approach to treat the tree. We believe that trimming is a delicate method that requires knowledge and efficiency, which we both possess as a tree company. Proper trimming can do wonders for a tree, no matter how sick or unsightly it has become. We provide the most exhaustive trimming service in Roanoke, VA, that you can trust. If you are worried about the price of our service, you should not. Our rates are based on your trees’ needs, and you can rest easy that we will never force you to avail of a service that will not benefit your trees.

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    Stump Grinding (and removing): Stump grinding is one of the premier services we offer at AAA Tree Service. It often goes hand in hand with tree removal because you will not want a stubborn stump sticking out of your landscape following tree elimination. The stump is the biggest remain a tree will leave behind and the most challenging to get rid of as well. Some property owners think that stumps mean no harm, only to find out that they can cause multitudes of issues in the long run. Stumps can break your gardening tools because they make it hard to move around them. Aside from the unpleasant look it serves, it can be home to various annoying and dangerous insects. At AAA Tree Service, we use two techniques to take down a stump. The most popular among our customers is stump grinding because, unlike stump removal, it is less intrusive and leaves no hole and damage to the ground. This method is best used in residential settings where the landscape can be impacted by digging out the entire stump. We typically recommend complete stump removal for our commercial clients because it can ensure the stump will no longer regrow since the entire rootball is extracted along with it. Rest assured that our consultants will offer expert advice on how to go about your stump removal request. 

    Storm Damage Cleanup: In Roanoke, VA, residents are not new to experiencing storms. We have seen how a storm can leave even the healthiest tree in devastation. Storms often come with high winds and heavy rains, making it difficult for a tree to survive its effects. After a storm, you may wake up to a completely disrupted landscape, with branches sprawling all over the place. This is the best situation you can encounter because the worst is you may have a toppled tree over your roof or driveway. If not attended to right away, these compromised trees can endanger you and your property. It can be both overwhelming and distressful to deal with this kind of situation on your own, which is why we are always accessible pre and post-storm to attend to your emergency needs. We will send one of our teams to your home or business to inspect and gauge any damage at the earliest possible time. We will not delay work and deal with any potential issues as soon as we see them. When we are sure that it is safe for everyone, we will promptly initiate the cleanup project. We can safely handle the situation and dispose of the waste left behind with our tools and expertise.

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    Other Services We Offer

    There is no question that tree removal is our most in-demand service. But you can also count on us to deliver other types of lawn care to your doorsteps. Our comprehensive services include: 

    • Land Clearing
    • Brush Removal
    • Wood Chipping
    • Tree Planting

    We will be delighted to offer our customers preventative and restorative services that will benefit them and their landscape. Our wide array of services include fertilizing, planting, and cultivating the land for trees to thrive effectively. We can help restore the beauty of your yard using high-standard techniques and methods. We will be happy to transform your landscape from an unhealthy to a revived one that you will be proud of. When we visit your home or office, we will start by assessing the particular needs of every tree in your landscape and outline a plan that will yield lasting results. Preserving and beautifying your landscape will not only leave you with a sight to behold but also put you at an advantage if you are planning to sell your property sometime in the future. Having attractive and healthy trees in your yard will boost the value of your home by a significant percentage. Whatever your situation, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service they deserve. Call us now and learn from our dedicated arborists about how you can improve the overall wellness of your trees. 


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