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This is the right tree contractor if you are seeking affordable yet excellent tree care services. At Atlas Tree Service, we not only provide top-quality tree care solutions, but we also make sure to work within your budget for guaranteed satisfaction. We are a locally managed and owned tree company bringing world-class tree care to Roanoke, VA, and its surrounding areas. Call us today if you need expert tree removal, tree trimming, emergency storm cleanup, and stump grinding service.  

You will be pleased with how economical our rates are! In addition, we work with some of the most reputable insurance providers in town and in the country, which means we can assist you in processing your claims if you have any. It means a hassle-free, fast, and affordable tree service solution for you. Whether you need some basic trimming or a more elaborate emergency tree concern, you can rest easy that our team can handle the job with confidence. 

When you demand immediate response for your tree removal needs, give Atlas Tree Service a call, and we will be there in a heartbeat. You can be assured that all of our tree specialists, including our arborists, are certified, licensed, and insured. You do not have to bother yourself about legal and financial obligations when an accident happens while we work on your property. Do not go out on a limb and try doing your own tree care work. Allow our tree doctors to assist you and provide the best tree care to your valued landscape trees. We have the knowledge, the tools, and a solid background in tree care to handle the job correctly and safely. 

We perform more than just tree removal. We offer a wide selection of services, including stump grinding, tree trimming, and storm damage cleanup. We can tackle just anything related to trees, no matter how standard or intricate the job might be. Phone us today and learn more about what we can do for the overall welfare of your trees, our rates, and other services.


Tree Removal: Residents of Roanoke, VA, have been contracting our help for over a decade with regards to their tree removal requirements. Unfortunately, tree removal is one of the most underused services by home and business owners alike. A lot of times, they overlook the health of the trees in their yard, mainly if they don’t appear unsightly or diseased. But, tree removal is not only necessary when the tree has become an eyesore or sick. Sometimes, a tree requires elimination before it becomes a safety and aesthetic issue for you. Atlas Tree Service conducts a thorough evaluation of your landscape trees to determine if they are still a good investment or have become a dangerous entity in your property. Our certified arborists are well-trained in identifying red flags and provide you with a detailed explanation to guide you in choosing the next best thing to do with your trees. Regardless of the objective, Atlas Tree Service is capable and ready to take down a tree from your backyard. We will scrupulously work on the project and clean any debris left by the process. We are the tree business that Roanoke, VA, residents trust and depend on. 

    Tree Trimming: Trees demand care as humans do. If they don’t get the attention they require, they can quickly give away to various health and aesthetic issues. One of the many problems a tree can encounter is overgrowth. Sadly, overgrown trees do not get attended to right away because they don’t seem dangerous. An overgrown tree is a bomb waiting to explode. It can open doors to different issues, from an unsightly appearance to a more serious safety problem. For this reason, Atlas Tree Service works diligently to provide expert tree trimming service to Roanoke, VA. Some tree companies go for tree removal even before assessing the situation of the tree involved. At Atlas Tree Service, we make sure to look into every angle of the tree and find out if it can still be revived with trimming before we go for the more drastic tree removal service. After all, our ultimate goal is to ensure every tree gets the best care it can get and preserve its safety. We provide the most detailed and extensive tree trimming service that Roanoke, VA, has to offer. Rest assured that we will take into account the welfare of your tree before we proceed with any service. You don’t need to worry about your budget because we offer the most reasonable tree trimming service in town. 

    Stump Grinding (and removing): Most of our customers want a tree removal service in tandem with stump grinding. After eliminating the main trunk, the next thing you need to deal with is the unsightly stump left behind. Some property owners make the wrong choice of neglecting the tree stump until it becomes a problem. Stumps can interfere with your landscape maintenance. If you have tried to maneuver a lawnmower around a stump, you know what we mean. You don’t have to deal with this issue for a long time because we can remove it using two of the most effective approach in eliminating a stump. The first method is extracting it from the ground by digging the soil. This process ensures the roots are also destroyed, making sure the tree will not regrow. The other option, which is the most popular among our customers, is stump grinding. This method is less aggressive and rarely disrupts the ground and other plantings in the area. You can count on our specialists to recommend the most appropriate approach to suit your situation and budget. 

    Storm Damage Cleanup: Storms happen now and then all over the state. Anyone who has seen a storm can vouch for the damaging effects of high winds and heavy rains that often come with it. Even the healthiest trees can get uprooted with non-stop beating from nature. After the storm, you may find yourself dealing with the chaos it left, particularly to your landscape. If you are lucky, you will only have to deal with the debris of the trees in your yard. But, if you are not, you may find yourself handling a worse situation. Damaged trees can become a potential threat to you and your property. If left unaddressed, compromised trees can impact other healthy trees in the area or topple over your roof. We understand that managing the aftermath of the storm can be stressful and will often leave you clueless. If this happened to you, what should you do next? We recommend calling our team to deal with the emergency fast. At the earliest possible time, we will come to your property and start working on your yard. Our hardworking team will work urgently to identify any potential issues that your trees may encounter. After making sure the site is safe for everyone, we will proceed with the cleanup process promptly. We have the tools to help us get rid of the storm’s debris and other waste in your landscape. Please call your local utility provider if a power line got affected for everyone’s security. 

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    We provide on-the-spot free estimates for all of your tree service needs. Our professional tree evaluation is meant to save you money and resources in the future. We are aware that not all tree services can be done at once, so you can depend on our tree doctors to provide you with the best recommendation that will benefit your tree at the given time. We will inform you if we diagnose your tree is no longer safe to keep on your property. If you require tree care, inspection, or any other arbor services, you can give us a call, and we will be there to tackle the task right away. You don’t have to put off service on another day or week because we can deal with it as soon as you call us. Whether you need assistance with tree planting, cabling, and bracing, tree evaluation, and tree health management, you can count on us. 

    Tree health is a vital aspect in maintaining the safety and attractiveness of your property. Whether it is your home or business, the state of the trees impacts the overall value of your property. We are fully aware that the health of trees can be challenging to figure out, especially for someone inexperienced. For this reason, we want to do the job for you. Instead of wasting your time going over the internet for DIY tips on caring for trees, allow our tree specialists to diagnose your trees and recommend the best solution for them. You are not even sure if the tips you see online are effective and accurate. You may be putting your trees and your family at significant risk by tackling tree care on your own.

    Apart from being certified, licensed, and insured, our arborists give the utmost importance to customer care. You will never get intimidated by our representatives because they will deal with your concerns with respect. Call us today and get a free estimate on your tree service of choice. You are one call away to a healthier and more beautiful yard. 

    If you require a tree service that is not listed here, don’t hesitate to phone us. We will be pleased to custom a service that fits your needs and budget. 

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