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Storm Tree Damage

We would all agree that trees are beautiful creations of nature. However, there are instances when they become instantaneously dangerous, especially in the face of a storm. For any property owner, uprooted trees, fallen branches, and downed power lines can present hazardous situations. When you are faced with jobs like these, Roanoke Tree Service will be there to give you quick and efficient assistance to eliminate all dangerous circumstances on your property. We operate 24 hours, seven days a week so that we can respond quickly to your urgent needs. We are the emergency tree service company you can depend on whenever you have issues with the safety of your tree following a storm. It is not unusual for homeowners and commercial property owners to get confused as to what to do in times like these. They cannot do anything, especially if there are involved power lines that add to the danger of the situation. Uprooted trees and fallen branches and limbs, mainly the large ones, can obstruct the way and cause accessibility issues in the area.

For this reason, property owners cannot clean the area on their own. In this type of situation, we are proud to say that we are the first responders to come to the site. We will clear the path for the other responders, including healthcare workers, utility services, and police officers. 

There is a way to prevent the worst from happening, and that is allowing a professional tree company such as Roanoke Tree Service to assess the situation of your tree before the storm hits. Trees overhanging roofs and tangled power lines can be a recipe for disaster, and we can prevent them from causing further problems by trimming the branches or removing the tree altogether. You can count on us to help you avoid unnecessary stress caused by toppled and storm-damaged trees. 

Emergency Tree Storm Damage Service You Can Lean On

If, unfortunately, you are dealing with emergency storm problems, feel free to call Roanoke Tree Service to alleviate the stress caused by the scenario. We have enough manpower to accommodate your concerns, even when several property owners also need our help. 

When you give us a call, we will activate our systematic storm damage approach:

  • One of our reliable representatives will visit your property to assess the extent of the storm damage and begin the estimation process.

    • We will offer you with a firm quote which will be followed by a written estimate, outlining the details of the service, including the cost. 
    • Once you agree to our estimate, we will immediately dispatch our team to your property to begin the clean-up process.
    • When onsite, we will identify all hazardous circumstances presented by fallen limbs and uprooted trees.
    • After making sure the location is safe, we will right away commence the clean-up effort by getting rid of tree debris. We can haul the debris away and use our chipper to process the smaller limbs and branches. 
    • Finally, we will make sure the site is free from any trace of storm damage and make it look like a storm never hit it.

    Don’t entrust the task of emergency tree service to just any tree company. Only trust a reputable and qualified tree service such as Roanoke Tree Service to handle the job. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for our customer’s safety. 

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