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Stump Grinding or Removal?

Roanoke Tree Service takes care of stumps in two practical ways. The first method is to grind them below the ground, and the other is to completely remove the stump along with the root system, using heavy equipment. We use our top of the line stump grinders to get rid of the sight of the stump. Often times, our residential clients opt for stump grinding because of the minimal impact it has on the surrounding area, especially their landscape. On the other hand, commercial developments choose the latter because they need to clear the area to lay the foundation for future construction. Stump removal is significantly more costly than stump grinding and creates more damage to the surrounding site. 

The majority of residential customers go for stump grinding to remove the appearance of the stump not only because it is less expensive, but also less damaging. We will use our Vermeer stump grinder to remove the sight of the stump in your yard to allow grass or plantings to grow where the stump used to be. 

The Process of Stump Grinding

Every stump is different from one another concerning their difficulty to grind. This is because of several factors, including the age, size, and species of the stump. Oak and Maples and other new hardwood stumps can be extra tricky to grind. On the other hand, old conifers, including Cedars and Pines, are the least challenging to grind. Aside from the type of stump, age also matters because newer stumps are more resistant compared to older ones. Naturally, it is more challenging to grind larger stumps than the smaller kinds. Rest assured that no matter the size, age, and species of the stump, Roanoke Tree Service can get rid of the stump in a fraction of time.

How We Grind a Tree Stump 

We use a systematic approach to grinding a stump:

  • Utilizing a rake and a shovel, our crew will clear the site around the stump from any debris and dirt to allow safer and smoother stump grinding process
  • If the stump has not been reduced to a height close to the ground, our team will use a power saw to reduce its size that is convenient for the stump grinding process.
  • We can start placing our stump grinder above the stump approximately 2 to 4 inches. We will then lower the stump onto the stump and begin the grinding process.
  • Our grinder will move from side to side over the stump until it is five to eight inches below the earth. 


    • Finally, we will rid the area of any form of tree-related debris and dirt. Upon request, we can plant the area above the stump with grass or turf. 

    A typical stump grinding process takes at least 45 minutes to a maximum of an hour and a half, depending on the variables we mentioned above. Stump grinding is a dirty job that is why we make extra effort to keep the area clean and free from clutter. We also take preventive measures to keep your property safe from flying wood debris. Inquire about our stump grinding process today, and we will make sure to address your concern right away. 

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