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Eliminating a tree is our most requested tree service. We also consider tree removal as one of the most complex and labor-intensive jobs we carry out. While tree removal is not entirely complicated, we cannot dismiss the fact that it is a dangerous undertaking that can put anyone in danger, especially those who are not experienced. Thus, it requires the know-how as well as the proper equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. We had been removing trees of all sizes and species since our establishment many years ago. We can confidently say that we can handle all types of tree removal in the fastest way possible, with the utmost care and professionalism. 

We commence the tree removal service with a free onsite consultation by our expert arborist. Our representative will make sure to assess the tree in question carefully and devise a sound plan on how to eliminate the tree. We will discuss the equipment necessary for the job. However, if you choose to have us climb the tree due to accessibility issues, we can also do so, upon request. We will then give you a firm verbal quote, followed shortly by a written quote from our main office. It will include details about the tree removal as well as our license and insurance proof. We can help you decide on the date and time of tree removal, which can be within 3-5 days after our onsite visitation.

Tree Removal Process

One of our friendly representatives will contact you on the day of the tree removal to confirm the time of our arrival. Please allow us a two-hour window to make sure our previous client is fully satisfied with our work.

Our team leader will officially commence the process by assigning tasks to each team member. Our crew comprises of the ground crew, lead tree trimming specialist, and clean-up personnel. We will systematically dismember the tree from the crown down to the trunk. Regardless if we use heavy equipment or merely climb the tree, we will carefully lower each branch to the ground where our ground crew will further reduce it. We can split the logs into 3-foot logs for more comfortable use for firewood. We will continue with the process until we are only down with the main trunk. The process will end once we cut the main trunk at a height suitable for stump grinding. Rest assured that the whole process will be carried out with the utmost efficiency and safety. Our ground service crew will be there to clear the area of any debris and dirt produced by the process, so once the process is done, your property will look good as new. 

You will be left with a stump after we have dealt with the tree. Our company gives you the option to have it ground or to leave it to decay on its own. We will reduce it as close to the ground for easier grinding.  

Using our topnotch Vermeer grinders, we will carefully grind the stump until it is no longer visible on level ground. After the stump grinding process is done, we will make an effort to clean-up the site and leave no trace of dirt and debris. 

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