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Trimming Tree

Like what we previously mentioned, tree removal is our most requested tree service, but we firmly believe that tree trimming should get the same attention as our tree removal offering. Professional trimming is essential for the health and aesthetic of a tree. It improves the overall welfare of the tree and makes sure the site where it’s planted is safe from any falling branches or encroaching limbs. Untrimmed trees can quickly grow in different directions and be an eyesore on your property. Often, they can be life-threatening as well as property-damaging, which is why it is crucial to have trees trimmed regularly. Most trees need to be trimmed every 2 to 4 years to ensure the safety and the beauty of the tree. Dead limbs and branches can endanger lives and property because they can fall at any given time. Failing to have your trees trimmed will nullify your claims from your insurance provider. 

Tree trimming is part science and part art. A typical person can quickly learn the science of tree trimming, but the artistic side of it can be challenging for someone who has no background experience in the field. Over trimming is one of the worst things one can do to a tree. It does not only jeopardizes the health of the tree but also leads to the appearance of the tree to look unnatural. Meanwhile, not trimming or under trimming the tree does minimal to no benefits to a tree. Tree trimming is the key to keep the shape and structure of the tree in top condition. The process aims to eliminate broken, dead, and unhealthy branches and limbs. Tree trimming has the power to transform your tree to its better state or its worst condition, if not done correctly.

Trimming Tree Correctly

We make sure to use the highest standard set by the Arbor Day Foundation. We are very systematic when it comes to our approach to ensure that trees are kept in their healthiest condition. You can rest assured that we will not over trim your tree and not too near the trunk. After the tree trimming process, your tree will be restored to its former beauty and health.

We commence the tree trimming project with a free onsite consultation. One of our expert arborists will assess the health of your tree and come up with a plan to carefully trim your tree. We will discuss the entire process with you and offer you a firm verbal estimate followed by a written quote, along with our license and insurance documentation. We will then decide on the best date and time to perform tree trimming. On the day of tree trimming, we will have our lead cutter and two ground service crews who will take care of the safety and cleanliness of the area throughout the process. We will reduce the size of bigger logs to three-foot sections fit for firewood purposes. Finally, we will take care of the debris and dirt in the area after the trimming process is done.

Pruning Trees

Tree pruning is a subtle type of trimming. The process eliminates the limbs, water shoots, and broken branches to allow the tree for better appearance, air circulation, and light penetration. Call our tree service company anytime to have your trees pruned, and we will be there in no time.

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